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About The Advance Center

The Advance Center is a Washington State, non profit corporation incepted in 2009.  It was established with a vision to help strengthen relationships of all kinds.   In seeing this vision through, in late 2009 The Advance Center acquired exclusive rights to a 24 acre Bed & Breafast facility located in a remote location near the Canadian border in the beautiful Okanogan Highlands Country.  In 2010 the lodging facility was refined, educational programs were launched and a fine dining restaurant was established.

2011-2012's goals include increasing program frequency, expanding and growing the membership, and breaking ground on the a new seminar/lodging facility.  Currently, training programs are facilitated from within the Bed & Breakfast where attendees are limited to a capacity of three overnight couples at a time and maximum group size of twenty.  The lodge project will launch the expansion of facilities to accomodate fifteen additional overnight couples/familys in a conference center building that will accomodate a group of two hundred people.  Ground breaking will begin soon.  Find out how you can help by calling 509-481-9151!

Here's more info on The Advance Center three key elements:

Educational Programs
Individual, marital & familial education is key to improving and strenghtening relationships.  Taking a proactive approach to expanding your knowledge prevents dozens of other problems that are a byproduct of an ineffective or divided relationships.  Your commitment to ongoing education directly affects the following relationships:
  • You and your spouse
  • Your kids & family members
  • Your friends & co-workers
  • Your career...
  • Ultimately, future generations

Skills Building
"Skill" is defined as the proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience.  We believe the act of applying education in your daily routine, or practicing what you learn translates to the exerience necessary to improve your relationship skills. 

The process of skill building is a display of individual committment to yourself, your family, friends and collegues.

TAC is committed to developing complimentary skill building programs that accompany every educational program.

Support Systems
An NFL quarterback receives support from his coach;  A business executive receives support from other business professionals.  Why don't we seek support for the more important relationships in life?

Outside of seeking a counselor when struggles in a relationship are escalated, as a husband or wife where do you receive support necessary to enhance the performance in your relationships?

TAC goal is to build a national network of everyday people that have a passion for providing support to TAC members as they progress through the education and training programs.

As you learn, they too learn.  We all learn together!

The Inn at Molson Advance Center-"We're Advancing, Not Retreating!"

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A Washington State Non Profit Corporation Registered as a Charity

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